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Client requiretments Brictec design

1. Factories must have a clear understanding of local raw materials and develop new products and programs according to the condition of raw materials. If the local clay, shale, coal gangue, fly ash is available, factory should consider firstly the gangue or fly ash as raw materials; Second, shale is better than clay. The raw material as clay will be forbidden in the long term. After raw materials are selected, it is necessary to determine the production program and the scale of production according to local market conditions; and also to determine the product is cork brick or hollow brick, annual capacity is 30 million or 60 million?

2. In order to determine the production capacity, firstly it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation to have a clear understanding of current market demand, the existing brick and tile production, the gap between requirement and demand in the market, current selling price of brick and tile products, product demand trends, demand become stronger or weaker, prices in the coming years will grow or go down. Whether there is a new brick factory to be launched, what are their capacities? After the understanding of above conditions, we determine the production capacity of the new factories basing on market demand.

3.When the production capacity is decided, factory shall determine the plant area, ​​technology trends, equipment layout, location of production and living areas, the plant elevation according to local geology, hydrology, meteorological conditions, the arrangement of the various production workshop in accordance with the wind, the mode of production as artificial or automatic. These factors shall only be determined after the careful planning and design of the whole plant of technical staff and by technical and economic analysis. Some factories think that design is not important and invest according to their wish, but the result is unsatisfactory. It is a waste of resource and money.

4. Select production technology and equipment on the basis of raw material. Some manufacturers build new plants by copying other people's mode of production without regard to their raw materials and finished products. It seems to be a shortcut, but in fact not because other factory’s raw materials are different and production processes and equipment will surely be different. Before building the brick plants, factories should know well the raw material and ask technical staffs to design production process and select equipment.

5. Drying and firing equipment which are the key equipment for invest determine mostly the economic benefits and success of brick plant.When drying and firing equipment are normal, the success rate of brick factory production reaches 80%. Even if the process line is not normal, it can become normal by upgrade. But if the kiln and the drying chamber are not working properly, the loss or upgrade fee will be large. The drying method by tunnel or chamber should be determined according to the local situation. Hoffman kiln or tunnel kiln should also be decided because these two kinds of kilns vary greatly in investment cost with same capacity. Raw materials are suitable for once-setting production process or for double setting process. These require technical staff to do overall consideration.

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