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Small dryer & Hoffmann kiln
Small dryer & Tunnel kiln
Chamber dryer&Tunnel kiln
Tunnel dryer&Tunnel kiln
Why design
Client requiretments
Lanform Brictec design

1) The plant shall not be built in the collapse zone or fracture; drying and kiln foundation backfill depth shall not be greater than 2 m.

2) As the production process will inevitably produce environmental noise and a small amount of smoke, the plant should be away from residential areas and disadvantage district more than 300 meters.

3) Upon the satisfaction of the process layout requirement, try to achieve a compact layout, short transport routes, the diversion of people and goods without disturbing each other.

4) Comply with the requirements of health, fire, security, green layout and environmental protection, to make reasonable economic planning and practical total graphic design.

5) Take advantage of the topography to minimize earthwork, when necessary layout vertically.

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