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Small dryer & Tunnel kiln
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Tunnel dryer&Tunnel kiln
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Chamber dryer & Tunnel kiln Brictec design

The dryer adopts brick-concrete structure, cast-in-place concrete roof. Inner wall thickness 240mm, sidewall thickness is 490mm. The thickness of top structural layer and the insulation is 400mm.

Drying chamber heat source is residual heat from the tunnel kiln, which is transferred by the external pipeline.

The drying chamber is equipped with air supply system, air exhausting system, and the detection system. Except the detection system, the rest of the systems are consisted of metal pipe and fan.

All the systems except detecting system is composed of metal pipeline and corresponding fan. To prevent the drying agent flowing directly to green bricks which shall cause crack, the air entrances and exits are set at the joints of cars. The wind valve and adjustment mouth are set outside the dryer which facilitates the commissioning and inspection.

The tunnel kiln with large section:

The process adopts the tunnel kiln with large section. It is equipped with complete smoke exhausting system, cooling system, heat extracting system, under-car pressure balance system and monitoring system. The firing schedule will be more reasonable through the adjustment of above mentioned systems.

The inner wall under 200 degree in preheating and cooling zone of tunnel kiln is constructed by red bricks. The internal layer of other inner wall and that of firing and heat preservation zone are constructed by clay refractory bricks. The heat preservation layer is constructed by clay insulation brick and filled up by refractory fibro felt (where the temperature curve is more than 600 degree) or by mineral wool felt. The outer wall of kiln is constructed by red bricks.

The top structure of kiln.

The double ends of kiln adopt the cast-in-place concrete roof whose dimension is of one kiln car. For the other parts, the clay brick blocks are hung by high aluminum davit cast on the main beam whose weight is supported by the wall at double sides. High aluminum cotton, refractory fibro felt and mineral wool felt, board are laid on the brick blocks to form the heat preservation layer. The gap between floor boards is filled up by high aluminum fiber. The high temperature castable is painted on the top of heat preservation layer to ensure the adiabaticity of material and the durability of structure.

This process is flexible in production, make full use of residual heat from tunnel kiln. It is suitable for various raw materials and produces all kinds of bricks with high automaticity

Disadvantages: the double setting process needs more machinery and investment.

The program adopts double setting process and single-layer drying chamber which is of low temperature difference and high automaticity. The bricks dried are of good quality and low water content.

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