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Tunnel dryer& Tunnel kiln Brictec design


This process adopts first-setting process and tunnel dryer who employs the residual hear from tunnel kiln.
The quality of drying is ensured by the adjustment systems which control the wind temperature and quantity. The dried green bricks are transported to the front-end of tunnel kiln by ferry car.
The process adopts the tunnel kiln with large section. It is equipped with complete smoke exhausting system, cooling system, heat extracting system, under-car pressure balance system and monitoring system. The firing schedule will be more reasonable through the adjustment of above mentioned systems.
The inner wall under 200 degree in preheating and cooling zone of tunnel kiln is constructed by red bricks. The internal layer of other inner wall and that of firing and heat preservation zone are constructed by clay refractory bricks. The heat preservation layer is constructed by clay insulation brick and filled up by refractory fibro felt (where the temperature curve is more than 600 degree) or by mineral wool felt. The outer wall of kiln is constructed by red bricks.
The top structure of kiln.
The double ends of kiln adopt the cast-in-place concrete roof whose dimension is of one kiln car. For the other parts, the clay brick blocks are hung by high aluminum davit cast on the main beam whose weight is supported by the wall at double sides. High aluminum cotton, refractory fibro felt and mineral wool felt, board are laid on the brick blocks to form the heat preservation layer. The gap between floor boards is filled up by high aluminum fiber. The high temperature castable is painted on the top of heat preservation layer to ensure the adiabaticity of material and the durability of structure.
The program uses the time code burn process, tunnel drying chamber, drying heat sources use the waste heat from the tunnel kiln calcination,
Conditioning systems to control air temperature and air volume to ensure that the brick drying quality. Dry-ready brick by car ferry sent to the front of the tunnel kiln.
The tunnel kiln, the tunnel kiln with the exhaust system, cooling system, pumping thermal systems, pressure balancing system in the car and observing systems, through the adjustment of these systems, so that the kiln roasting system more reasonable. The tunnel kiln in the two ends set up a side door, entrance of the car side with a preparation room, closing the door at the connection of the preparation room and kiln, which can effectively avoid the cold air enter the kiln, kiln firing system.
Tunnel kiln wall: the tunnel kiln pre-heating zone and cooling the wall use red bricks with less than 200 degrees;
The rest of the band and calcination, the innermost layer of insulation with the kiln wall masonry with clay firebrick, insulating layer of clay insulation brick building and fire-resistant fiber felt (temperature curve corresponding to 600 degrees or more parts), or rock wool felt fill wall with red bricks.
Top of the kiln structure: in both ends of the low-temperature band to leave a parking space using in-situ concrete roof; other parts of lightweight refractory concrete prefabricated refractory hook suspended from the top of the beam under the weight of the secondary beam from both sides H steel main beam bearing.
Lightweight refractory concrete board to the laying of refractory fiber felt and rock wool blankets, plates, composite insulation layer and the gap between the roof with high alumina fiber impaction.
Material layer and the insulation layer of the top of brushing the high temperature binder in order to ensure the durability of the insulation materials and structure.
This process makes full use of residual hear from tunnel kiln and the investment is low compared with double-setting process (dryer car is the same with kiln car). The automatic production can be achieved.


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