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Causes and Prevention of gangue sludge hollow bric
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With the promotion of energy saving, soil, environmental protection, green, new wall materials, hard shale, coal gangue and slag and other materials used in the production of brick and tile industry. Hard shale and coal gangue contain a large number of high hardness, SiO2 and Al2O3, microhardness than 2500HV. [1] pointed out that the abrasive wear depends on the hardness of the material Hm and not only, but also determine the ratio of abrasive material hardness Hm and abrasive hardness Ha, wear into the high wear areas of Hm / of Ha <0.8, SiO2 and hardness of Al2O3 is much larger than the ordinary metallic materials, so the spiral reamer mud crushing, mixing, kneading practice, mix well and squeeze tightly role, the mud on the reamer severe wear and tear, the replacement of the reamer time-consuming and labor-intensive, greatly reduces the efficiency of the extruder, it can be said spiral reamer life is directly related to the use of the vacuum extruder, and the brick factory's production efficiency.


In order to improve the work efficiency of the vacuum extruder and brick factories producing brick, I have tried to use and promotion of high chromium cast spiral reamer. But in actual use in the following questions: First, high-chromium cast spiral reamer higher cost, the majority of brick difficult to accept; Secondly, since the raw material quality and process prone to fluctuations, resulting in high chromium cast spiral twist long working life of the knife suddenly suddenly short, can not be guaranteed quality and performance stability; Finally, high chromium cast spiral reamer self-important, power consumption, the more brittle the boot easy to break, wear gauge can not be repaired after the re-use.


How low-cost effective way to improve the life of the vacuum extruder screw reamer, improve the efficiency of the extruder to work effectively, have great practical significance. I plant in 2010, Beijing the Guben Technology Co., Ltd. Guben alloy wire processing spiral reamer, after nearly a year to use observation, justify the use of the the Guben alloy wire low-cost processing capacity 6 million standard brick block new alloy spiral reamer. Next we introduce this new type of alloy spiral reamer manufacturing process.


Making the preparation
55 reamer a hand-drawn ¢, Guben alloy wire a 500 carbon dioxide gas protection welder. This process is carbon dioxide gas protection welder will strengthen our foundation alloy wire heap covered in the reamer wear parts to play the anti-wear have effect. The higher the hardness of the alloy wire, field testing hardness 62-68HRC hardness of the alloy wire detection.


Making method


The manufacturing process is relatively simple, surfacing alloy wire according to a certain order in the reamer blades can. Reamer Surfacing order to start the reamer previous two sections, the reamer wear parts are concentrated in the first two sections of the reamer, so the first two should be surfacing layers. Surfacing of the first layer should be fully welded, that is, strengthening the economy alloy wire covered with a layer of the foliage of the previous two reamer reamer.


As the first layer of weld will be a dilution effect of the parent material, the first layer of fully welded appropriate to speed up the welding speed, weld thickness of about 3mm can be. After the end of the first layer is welded to a second layer of surfacing.


The second layer welding reamer first two peripheral 7cm wide part of the welding speed can be properly slowed down, weld thickness in 3-5mm, the overall thickness of the weld in the surfacing of two layers of 5-8mm. Surfacing welding direction should be consistent with the spiral direction of rotation, which can effectively reduce the frictional resistance of the actual use of the spiral reamer. Alloy wire welding direction and the weld shape.

Trailing spiral wear is relatively small, so only full solder layer can be surfacing layer thickness of about 5mm thick. Set of reamer foliar surfacing surfacing, but also on the side of the reamer. If no wear-resistant protective layer side, the side of the reamer susceptible to wear in use, resulting in strangulation flank wear layer combined to reduce the wear layer to lose support wear resistance of play is not ideal. The reamer side of the surfacing layer can be, surfacing thickness of about 3-5mm thick. Forming a set of reamer, the new alloy wire surfacing reamer.


Process characteristics

Will be processed the new alloy spiral reamer sent to the brick factory, the actual use of this brick factory, the raw shale and coal gangue, the Nissan brick is about 15 million standard bricks, the surfacing of the new alloy wire cutter knife, brick production about 6 million, to the effect of high-chromium alloy knife. Contrast to the high chromium cast spiral reamer after the surfacing of the new alloy wire spiral twist tool has the following characteristics:


1. Producing bricks high, the relatively high chromium cast spiral reamer is a significant reduction in cost.

2. The reamer is a composite metal alloy wire surfacing, surface hardness, good wear resistance.

3. Reamer within the ordinary steel, good toughness, not break, wear gauge can be used again after the alloy wire welding repair use.

4. Small the reamer weight alloy wire surfacing, less power consumption.


[1] Ho prize love, Wang Yuwei, material wear and wear-resistant materials [M], Northeastern University Press

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