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Views on the brick production process with a hot t
Source:Ceramtechno Pte Ltd   Author:Administrator  Release time:2011/6/12  Clicks:1468

 Brick & tile production, distribution of the appropriate heat is the most important issues in the production control. As energy prices continue to rise, an increasing proportion of costs is energy. In the highly competitive environment, heat is the key factors of an enterprise.

The heat source of the kiln bricks originate from: First, the adobe has been mixed with combustion, and kiln firing with the direction of hot air into the wind and heat, outside added coal. Heat source in tunnel kiln into the kiln brick, there are two points: First, brick internal combustion firing with the Department has high temperature heat source. The whereabouts of heat, there are several: First, heat up the brick to achieve a proper firing temperature, usually 900 ~ 1100 ; kiln temperature increase or maintain the temperature; for the outside heat through the kiln and ground; four is the heat taken away by the wind; radiant heat to the outside world. The real heat is brick heating up to the firing temperature and to maintain a certain time, and this part of the heat account for only half of the actual heat consumption, the rest is wasted.

In order to burn the brick in good quality, high yield, we must control well following several balances: the balance of heat distribution and heat demand, the burning speed, the kiln temperature and wind balance, loaded kiln balanced, upper and lower fire to balance. In other words, the kiln must have a good thermal order and thermal system, the order of chaos, like the human body suffered fits and starts going to be sick, it is necessary to firing accidents, defective bricks, wasted brick. If the internal combustion doped with excess, the proportion of coke bricks will be a substantial increase, and then the serious down kiln accident, or even the possibility of the kiln was burned. The order of the thermal serious confusion, take a long time to adjust and restore. If the internal combustion doped with too little, there will be: 1, raw burning owe brick, hoarseness, low intensity. 2 kiln fire escape slow, low output. 3, the outer cast coal, accumulate at the bottom of the kiln, poor ventilation, low combustion efficiency, waste. According to experts, validation, foreign investment and 3 kg of coal thermal efficiency is only equivalent to one kg within a coal-fired thermal efficiency. 4, kiln workers increased labor intensity, mental tension. 5, significant increases in cost, effective reduction or even heavy losses.

Brick and tile industry fuels such as coal, gangue, coal slime, slag, flue dust and other varieties and sources of complex, can not accurately determine by watching the fuel quality and calorific value, must believe in science, the use of the instrument. Instrument in the short time of about ten minutes accurately measured fuel heat, according to this data, the production of accurate blending, and then measured the heat out of the kiln brick, to review whether with heat input consistent burn. The kiln can also be aware of the level of this data in advance to prepare Operational Rea


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